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World Cup 2018

2018 Dünya Kupası'nın düzenleneceği İngiltere'de aday şehirler belirlendi. O kadar çok alternatifin içinde seçim yapmak gerçekten zor olmuş olmalı. İşte şehirler ve stadlar:


Stadium: Villa Park (Capacity 44,000)

Pros Two large football clubs, central location and good transport links

Cons Traffic can be a problem on the M6 around the city

What they say Birmingham has one of the most dynamic and wide-ranging cultural scenes in the country

According to the Crap Towns website Selly Oak is a terrible place to spend three years at university


Stadium New stadium to be built at Alderman Moores (40,000)

Pros New stadium would be custom-planned to please Fifa

Cons Alderman Moores hinges on sale of Ashton Gate

What they say Bristol is an enthralling, international destination boasting major cultural venues

According to the Crap Towns website In nearby Yatton the bones of children do not grow properly


Stadium Pride Park (capacity would be raised to 44,000)

Pros 80% of the UK's population live within a two-hour drive

Cons One of three cities in the east Midlands to have submitted a bid

What they say Includes the only world heritage site in the east Midlands

According to the Crap Towns website The bid team will be glad to discover Derby escapes the notice of Crap Towns


Stadium KC Stadium (capacity would be raised to 44,000)

Pros Ferry services to the continent. City has undergone regeneration

Cons Struggles to rival Leeds and Newcastle for attractions

What they say Hull offers an unmissable mix of culture and entertainment

According to the Crap Towns website The silent threat of violence hangs in the air


Stadium Elland Road (40,000)

Pros Well-equipped for hotels and restaurants. Close to M1, good rail links

Cons Area around the stadium could do with some redevelopment

What they say The fast-paced, buzzing city centre is complemented by stunning local countryside

According to the Crap Towns website The London of the North, if you're going on the number of homeless


Stadium Walkers Stadium (capacity would be raised to 40,000)

Pros Sporting city, with strong rugby tradition as well as football

Cons Could be seen as a rugby town. Host of bids from other Midlands cities

What they say Football fans in Leicester are amongst the most passionate in the country

According to the Crap Towns website The town is smothered by a blanket of blandness


Stadiums Proposed new grounds in Kirkby (50,000) and Stanley Park (60,000), or Anfield (45,500) if neither is built

Pros World famous football city. European capital of culture in 2008

Cons New stadium plans have stalled

What they say A spirit of adventure inspired enlightening and light-hearted contributions to mankind

According to the Crap Towns website Misunderstood. Misinterpreted. Patronised. Unappreciated. Scousers


Stadiums Wembley (90,000), Emirates Stadium (60,000), Olympic Stadium (80,000), Proposed new White Hart Lane (56,000)

Pros Capital city, world-class stadiums

Cons Public transport can be unreliable

What they say London is a destination that inspires sporting theatre

According to the Crap Towns website Overrated. Over-priced. It does not swing. It does have lots of rain


Stadiums: Old Trafford (76,000), City of Manchester Stadium 48,000

Pros Old Trafford is a world-class venue. Boasts a rich football history

Cons One of two bids from a small area of the north-west

What they say Manchester lives and breathes football and the city's name is known all over the world

According to the Crap Towns website It's always raining. The greyness engulfs everything

Milton Keynes

Stadium: stadium:mk (capacity would be raised to 45,000)

Pros Good transport links. Close to London

Cons Stadium capacity would need to be doubled. Not known as a sporting town

What they say Families from across the globe have chosen to move to Milton Keynes because it is safe and friendly

According to the Crap Towns website Concrete cows are the redeeming feature in this Legoland hell

Newcastle Gateshead

Stadium: St James' Park (52,000)

Pros St James' Park is ready to host international football

Cons The stadium is in the city centre, which can be congested around matches

What they say Newcastle now boasts one of the most iconic cityscapes in Europe

According to the Crap Towns website Another city happy to escapes the site's gaze


Stadium: Plans for new stadium to be built near Gamston (40,000)

Pros Bid features plans for redevelopment along the river Trent

Cons Plans for new stadium are yet to be finalised

What they say Mixes modern with medieval, urban with rural and the contemporary with the traditional

According to the Crap Town website The attractions of Sherwood Forest mean Nottingham doesn't feature


Stadium: Home Park (capacity would be raised to 45,000)

Pros Only city on the south coast to submit a bid

Cons A long way from other host cities, could be considered isolated

What they say For centuries, the region and Plymouth have been one of the jewels of the English countryside

According to the Crap Town website A relatively low profile and attractive countryside allow Plymouth to escape


Stadiums: Hillsborough (39,812), Bramall Lane (33,000)

Pros Two major football teams. Home to world's oldest club, Sheffield FC

Cons Stadiums may need minor upgrading but looks a strong bid

What they say A hub of sporting excellence and a city well equipped to host World Cup games

According to the Crap Towns website More trees per person than any other city in Europe, it doesn't get a mention


Stadium: Stadium of Light (49,000)

Pros The stadium of Light is an excellent ground with its own metro station

Cons Close to Newcastle, which has more obvious visitor attractions

What they say With a population of 280,000 and another 2.5 million people nearby, we know how to party

According to the Crap Towns website Not so much a town as a mortuary. Industry has long departed

Kaynak: The Guardian

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